Life of a post graduate: A millennial’s point of view

By Uplate Digest Competition. Commitment. Consistency. It just so happens that all three of those words begin with the letter C. For that reason we will refer to them as the three C’s any post graduate must become familiar with in order to survive the ever evolving jungle known as the real world. Let’s first … Continue reading Life of a post graduate: A millennial’s point of view

The infidelity conondrum

By Uplate Digest As Adam Hampshire a 41 year old, 6 foot, brown cocoa kissed skinned, fairly handsome, 5 o’clock shadow bearded, Hedge-fund CEO from an unknown city wakes up and wipes his eyes. He looks around and to his utterly disbelief he is stuck in a glass rectangular room. He looks up from this … Continue reading The infidelity conondrum

A millennial’s outlook: The Cuomo proposition

Governor Andrew Cuomo and state legislative leaders have announced a new bill aimed at eliminating tuition fees in all SUNY and CUNY institutions for undergraduate students whose households rack in $125,000 or less. This bill is to be put into effect starting in the fall semester of 2017, being accessible only to families earning $100,000 … Continue reading A millennial’s outlook: The Cuomo proposition

Unique: A philosophical insight

By Uplate Digest Questions to ponder before progressing. Are you unique Are you religious Do you believe in God? if you believe in God, why do you believe? if you can’t explain an event, do you automatically turn to God? If you don’t believe in God, what do you believe in and why? You are … Continue reading Unique: A philosophical insight

World disputes: South China Sea

By Uplate Digest What exactly is the south china sea dispute? The south china sea disputes involve both island and maritime claims among several sovereign states within the south china sea region. These states include The nation of Brunei The People's Republic of China(PRC), The Republic of China (Taiwan) (ROC), Malaysia Indonesia The Republic of the Philippines The Socialist Republic of … Continue reading World disputes: South China Sea

The Leader

  Throughout history, much has been written about what it means to be a leader. Ancient Chinese military general and Art of War author Sun Tzu described a leader as one who cultivates the moral law, and strictly adheres to proper methods and discipline." Nineteenth-century historian Thomas Carlyle believed leaders were born and not made, … Continue reading The Leader

The Art of Forgetting

Recently, I had a conversation about the Nigerian education system with someone I consider to be a very close friend. I have spoken to this person about a long list of grievances but this conversation struck me as particularly important to the both of us. Over twitter messages, lengthy whatsapp voice notes and hilarious face … Continue reading The Art of Forgetting